PCPG solicits candidates for board term
Deadline is 5 PM, November 20

PCPG is soliciting Board of Director candidates for our annual, online election.  Five Director positions are open with a term from January 2016 to December 2018.  You must be a PCPG member in good standing with either an Individual/Academic, or Corporate membership to be eligible.

Board member duties include: committee leadership, championing the development of training courses, participating in outreach to colleges and universities, contributing newsworthy summaries to the bi-weekly email blast and helping to shape PCPG’s efforts to support the needs of geologists and environmental professionals. 

If interested click HERE and download the Word document which you may complete, and return along with your digital photo before the deadline of November 20.

If you have any questions, please phone or email any member of PCPG’s leadership or Board.

SRBC Study Finds No Impacts on Streams from Marcellus Shale Drilling

Posted 5 October: From 2010 to 2013 the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) monitored 58 sampling stations in small headwater streams in the Susquehanna River Basin to investigate potential impacts from gas exploration in the Marcellus Shale.  The study recorded pH, temperature, conductivity, inorganic chemistry, TOC, gross alpha and beta radiation, and macroinvertebrates.  The SRBC report, released earlier this year, concluded no discernable relationship between water quality and well pad density.  Please click HERE to download an electronic copy of the report.

Courses & Events

March 15, 2016 9:00 AM • Red Lion Hotel Harrisburg East, 4751 Lindle Rd., Harrisburg, PA
March 15, 2016 11:30 AM • Red Lion Hotel Harrisburg East, 4751 Lindle Rd., Harrisburg, PA
December 31, 2016 • See order form

New USGS Publication Released

Water Budgets and Recharge Area Simulations for Centre and Huntingdon Counties, Pennsylvania

Posted 5 October:  The United States Geological Survey (USGS) recently released: “Water-budgets and recharge-area simulations for the Spring Creek and Nittany Creek Basins and parts of the Spruce Creek Basin, Centre and Huntingdon Counties, Pennsylvania, Water Years 2000–06”. This report is based on a joint study by the USGS, the ClearWater Conservancy, and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP). The researchers developed a hydrologic model to simulate a water budget and identify areas of greater than average recharge for the Spring Creek Basin in central Pennsylvania.  Click HERE to read more.

US EPA to Retire CERCLIS and Launch New Information System

Posted 5 October:  EPA has retired CERCLIS, the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Information System and replaced it with the new Superfund Enterprise Management System (SEMS). For over three decades, CERCLIS has served as the application that stores information about releases, clean-ups and enforcement activities under the Superfund Act of 1980, also known as CERCLA. To find out more about SEMS and how it might impact your work, visit THIS LINK.

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