PADEP Releases Draft Final Revisions to Environmental Protection Performance Standards at Oil and Gas Well Sites

Posted 17 August:  The amendments to the oil and gas regulations (Chapters 78 and 78a) are the result of a process that began in 2011 and included two public comment periods, 12 hearings, and nearly 30,000 comments. The revisions address surface activities at well sites, focusing on five core concepts:

  • Improve protection of water resources;
  • Add public resources considerations;
  • Protect public health and safety;
  • Address landowner concerns; and
  • Enhance transparency and improve data management
Read the full news release HERE.

Technical Briefing Scheduled at Marcellus Shale Coalition Meeting

Posted 17 August:  If you are going to the Marcellus Shale Coalition meeting August 19th and 20th, SAFER PA’s free Technical Briefing is scheduled  for 1:00 PM, August 20th at the Penn Stater’s Conference Center, Executive Room 12.  The briefing will include highlights on topics such as methane leaks and detection, orphan wells, and EPA’s fracking study analysis, provided by experts from Penn State and industry. The Shale Alliance for Energy Research Pennsylvania.  For more information about the Technical Briefing contact SAFER PA’s Executive Director Pat Findle at (412) 577-8350.

PADEP Vapor Intrusion Comments Due September 23

Posted 3 August: PADEP Proposes Revisions to Draft Technical Guidance for Vapor Intrusion - PADEP's Bureau of Environmental Cleanup & Brownfields Land Recycling Program has published a July 25, 2015 notice in the Pennsylvania Bulletin announcing proposed substantive revisions to the draft guidance document Land Recycling Program Technical Guidance Manual for Vapor Intrusion into Buildings from Groundwater and Soil under Act 2 (261-0300-101).

The proposed changes will have broad impacts for sites undergoing remediation via 25 PA Code Chapter 250, The Land Recycling and Environmental Remediation Standards Act. The PADEP has invited public comment and PCPG members are urged to review the proposed changes. 

Written comments can be submitted to Land Recycling Program, P.O. Box 8471, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8471. If you would like to submit comments to PADEP via the PCPG, please contact Mark Ioos, Chairperson PCPG Government Affairs Committee.

The public comment period will close on September 23, 2015. An electronic copy of the Draft Technical Guidance for Vapor Intrusion, can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

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USGS Map shows content and origins of the geologic basement

Posted 3 August:  The USGS has released a map of the nation's geologic basement. More than 80 pieces of crust have been added to the nation's basement since the Earth began preserving crust about 3.6 billion years ago.  See the USGS newsroom announcement HERE.

Houston, We Have Geology

Posted 3 August:  Pluto is being revealed as an intriguing new world with distinct surface features. The newest black and white images from NASA's New Horizons' Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) show the first signs of discrete geologic features on Pluto. Read all about it at NASA's web page found HERE.

Appalachia’s 3rd Resource Shale Play

Posted 3 June: The Burket/Geneseo Shale-The Marcellus Shale has dominated the energy headlines for news coming out of the Appalachian Basin for the last 8 years, but the Upper Devonian Burket/Geneseo Shale play offers producers a “stacked pay” potential by decreasing drilling/production costs through utilization of existing well pads and infrastructure, and liquids-rich production in some areas. The Burket/Geneseo Shale is the organic-rich mudstone that lies immediately above the Tully Limestone. READ MORE 

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