The Future of Act 2

Posted 7 April: Heading into 2015 will bring revisions to Chapter 250, the MSC Tables, the TGM and VI guidelines. To help everyone start off on the same page and to better understand how these changes may affect your understanding of the Act 2 Program, PCPG is offering Act 2 Toolkit:  An Overview (and dive into) the Pennsylvania Land Recycling Program.

This new, full-day course goes beyond an overview and provides you with an understanding of how, where, and when  Act 2 applies to your projects.  PCPG has partnered with PADEP professionals James Shaw, Troy Conrad, John Kreuger and Kathleen Horvath, and with industry professionals Donald Wagner of Stevens & Lee and Lou Vittorio and Scott Campbell of EarthRes Group, Inc., in an interactive format involving case studies and panel discussions.

Visit Upcoming Events for the full course outline, dates, and locations.

Marcellus Shale from Wireline Logs

Posted 7 April: The USGS recently published a scientific investigation report titled, Characterization of the Marcellus Shale Based on Computer-Assisted Correlation of Wireline Logs in Virginia and West Virginia by C. Enomoto, R. Olea, and J. Coleman, Jr. 

The study applies geostatistical techniques to refine our understanding of the stratigraphy and structural geology of the Middle Devonian Marcellus Shale.  READ MORE

New Handbook for Available for Private Water Well Owners

Posted 10 March:  Upon recognizing that many homeowners in Pennsylvania do not have sufficient information regarding the function and management of their private water supplies, the Shale Alliance for Energy Research – Pennsylvania (SAFER PA) developed the “Pennsylvania Water Well Handbook”.  This public service document conveys important information in a straightforward manner, including an overview of Pennsylvania private water supplies, details on the natural water cycle, how water occurs in aquifers, typical water quality issues, best management practices for water well siting and construction, water quality protection, how to interpret laboratory reports, and improvement of water quality through treatment. The Handbook is expected to have wide distribution, and is available in both hard copy and in electronic form.  It is intended to be used as a valuable information piece for well owners, industry and regulators.

To obtain an electronic copy of the Handbook and for information concerning how to order hard copies, click HERE.

Courses & Events

May 13, 2014 8:00 AM • Comfort Inn East, 699 Rodi Road, Monroeville, PA
June 20, 2014 8:30 AM • Toftrees Resort and Golf Club, State College, PA
December 31, 2015 • See order form

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May 23 Gettysburg Field Trip

Posted 7 April: On Friday, May 23rd PCPG will be hosting a Gettysburg Battlefield tour and picnic in celebration of our 25th Anniversary.

The field trip includes stops in the Gettysburg National Military Park, which is situated in the Piedmont province east of Appalachian Mountains in south-central Pennsylvania encompassing nearly 6,000 acres of land, and located 15 miles east of South Mountain which rises to 2,000 feet above sea level.

This field trip is intended to introduce attendees to the influence of geology upon the Gettysburg Campaign and, in particular, the role terrain played in the battle of Gettysburg.

We'll return to the hotel at 4:30 for our 25th Anniversary Picnic.   READ MORE

The Gravity of California’s Drought

Posted 10 March:  James Famiglietti, a professor of earth system science and civil and environmental engineering at University of California, Irvine, is using gravity measurements provided by NASA’s GRACE mission to track groundwater resource depletion in California’s Central Valley. Subtle but measureable changes in the Earth’s mass based on changing groundwater levels are recorded by two polar orbiting satellites. A February 2014 report showed that an estimated 20 cubic kilometers of groundwater had been lost between November 2010 and November 2013. The latest findings can be downloaded by clicking HERE.


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